Engraving F.A.Q.s



If I place my order today with engraving, when will it ship?

Engraved items are shipped within 3 business days.  .

I want to put a long line as engraving. How many characters do I get to put?

We specify on the item page the number of characters allowed for the engraving on that item.  If you choose a monogram font (e.g. Roman Monogram, Intrl Monogram, Circle Monogram or Diamond Monogram), the maximum and minimum length is exactly 3 characters. 


Can I get my logo or picture engraved on one of your products?

We are currently not offering logo engraving service on our items. We appologize for the inconvinience.

I would like to get an item engraved and get it shipped within 1-2 business days. Is that possible?

For an extra cost of $3.95, you can get engraving expedited. Please choose "expedite order" option to "yes" on the item page right above the "add to cart" button.

I want to an item for my groomsmen. Can I put 5 different engraving names for one item and still get the bulk discount?

Yes. Please input your first set of engraving tex in the engraving box, choose the engraving fonts and then click on "(+)Add more personalized products" link right below the fonts. This will let you put the next set of engraving text. You can click on "Add to cart" button when you are done entering all 5 sets of engraving text.

Do you charge any engraving set-up fee?

No there are no other charges except the standard engraving charge.